Nowadays, JavaScript has become almost mandatory in brand new web applications that rock!

In the past, what I have always reproached to JavaScript is that web applications were becoming hard to maintain because of all the pieces of JavaScript scripts spread out all over.

This is the end of this mess thanks to the creation of more and more JavaScript frameworks that really give structure to the frontend of the web applications.

I am not talking about a bunch of utilities but frameworks that provide a real architecture, kind of like a backend framework such as Django.
I think this is a real plus in developing a web application.
Combining this kind of JavaScript framework with a powerful backend framework like Django is now definitely the way to go to make great web applications.

Indeed, as a Django coder, I like the idea of having a framework for perfectionists with deadline (:p)  for the frontend.

I looked at some of them and enjoyed playing with them to be aware of what can be done.
So here are two JavaScript frameworks that are worth a look according to me.

There are actually a lot like them out there (see this article “20 JavaScript Frameworks Worth Checking Out” on ) but I am curious to know which JavaScript framework people usually use with Django?

According to you, which one fits the best the Django mindset? Which one is worth spending time to learn about?

Feel free to leave a comment.